BBQ Menu


– Meats –

Homemade 6oz Beef patties with Monterey Jack cheese, gherkin, burger sauce, beef tomato with a toasted brioche bun

Moroccan chickpea and Sweetcorn burger with spicy tomato relish (v)

Big Apple Hot Dogs with New York Relish

12 hour slow-cooked sticky pulled pork wraps with red cabbage slaw

Marinated chicken breast in paprika with mango and chilli salsa

– Sides –

Marinated honey and chilli prawns

Charred pineapple and smoky chorizo skewers

Mexican corn on the cob with chilli and lime butter (v)

– Salads –

Sweet potato, feta, spring onion and coriander (v)

Grilled peaches, pomegranate and rocket (v)

Cobb salad, pancetta, quail’s egg and blue herb dressing

Mexican black bean and corn rice salad (v)

– Rustic breads –